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  • Good new for Veterinarians and Physicians

    Veterinary News
    After a long term manufacturer’s backorder, Prednisolone tabs are back! Available in 5mg 1000ct. & 20mg 500ct. bottles. Supply may be limited. Contact your account manager for more details and pricing.

    Physician News
    The Activas brand Phendimetrazine 35mg Yellow tabs are now back in stock! Available in 100ct. and 1000ct. bottles. Call in today for more information and pricing.

    Other News
    We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our two new customer service representatives, Kim D. and Cindy, to our staff. We are very excited to have them on board!


    Generic Revatio is now available! We are offering Sildenafil Citrate 20mg Tabs at a very low price. Used to treat erectile dysfunction. Same active ingredient as found in Viagra. Call your account manager today to place your order!


    Generic equivalents are now available for the following products:
    * Avalide
    * Avapro
    * Boniva
    * Caduet
    * Clobex
    * Combivir
    * Coreg CR
    * Cutivate
    * Geodon
    * Lescol XL
    * Lexapro
    * Lipitor
    * LoSeasonique
    * Lovenox
    * Plavix
    * Prometrium
    * Provigil
    * Requip XL
    * Seroquel
    * Stalevo

    Please call us for current low prices!


    We have the new generic for Lipitor in stock now! Call your sales representative today for pricing on the long-awaited Atorvastatin Tablets in 10, 20, 40, and 80mg strengths.

  • Veterinary Product News

    Injectible Diazepam 5mg 10ml is on a long-term manufacturer back order. According to Hospira, this product will not be available until Spring 2012. We have a very small quantity on hand at this time.

    Contract Pharmacal has discontinued production of Phenylpropanolamine (P.P.A.) Tabs and Caplets. We do have limited availabilty, so be sure to stock up before this product becomes unavailable.

  • Bariatric News!

    We now carry Diethylpropion 25mg and 75mg Tabs by Lannett. The round, white tablets are available in 100-count bottles at a very attractive price!

  • Now Available!

    After a long manufacturer's back order. we now have limited availability of injectible Vitamin B-12 1000mcg and also Dexamethasone Sodium! Please contact your sales representative for details.

  • Bariatric News

    We are now offering Phentermine 37.5mg Blue-Speckled Tablets manufactured by Tagi Pharma. Please ask your sales representative for your super-low price!

    Also, while placing your order, ask for your free sample of KVK brand Phendimetrazine 35mg Tablets.


    We currently have Hospira label Propofol 1% 10mg/ml 20ml vials in stock.

    And, though Dexamethasone Sodium 4mg is in very short supply, we do have limited stock of 1ml vials on hand. Per American Regent, the 30ml vials have no release date.


    Generic Levaquin is now available! We are offering Levofloxacin 250mg, 500mg, and 750mg Tabs at a very low price. Call now to place your order!

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